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Emergency Systems are designed to protect building occupants and to facilitate their safe evacuation in the event of an emergency such as electrical power failures and fire.

Emergency lighting & fire alarm installation

If you have a business premises and employ staff then you have a duty of care and responsibility. Our emergency lighting and fire alarm installation service helps ensure that in the event of an emergency, escape from the building is not hindered by the lack of electrical lighting or a compliant fire alarm system can give early warning to the occupants. 

Whatever the required application and specification, we can design an installation to suite your environment. For example, you may need simple escape lighting for stairwells and corridors; or you may need emergency lighting for high risk task areas where operatives need to safely negotiate machinery in the event of a mains failure.

Emergency lighting & fire alarm maintenance

To ensure the ongoing safety of your staff it is essential to keep your emergency lighting & fire alarm installations regularly maintained as the consequences of not doing so could be catastrophic for any business. Existing installations should be tested for correct operation and a maintenance package tailored to ensure that the system operates as it should. All logbooks and certification are supplied and updated accordingly.