Transparent pricing...

  • We take pride in maintaining a transparent and accurate pricing structure, and in delivering value for money for our customers.
  • To achieve this, we have invested in FleetMatics GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking on all fleet vehicles to help reduce operating expenses while actually increasing productivity and improving customer service.
  • We also employ sophisticated software that monitors the time our engineers spend on site, journeys and fuel usage.

As a Gas Safety Registered Company, registration number 506225, Speakman Contractors provides a wide range of testing and certification services.

Safety reports detail that the gas appliance has been fitted and checked to meet legal and safety standards and specifies when the appliance needs to be next serviced.

Gas appliances should be regularly serviced to ensure that are working safely and efficiently. A poorly maintained gas appliance can cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, of which approximately 20 people die of in the UK every year and many others suffer ill health.

Gas safety checks and servicing are not the same. A service includes a thorough cleaning of the appliance, in addition to a gas safety check.